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Greater Philadelphia

Compass is excited to expand our successful model to Philadelphia and reach a new group of nonprofits and business professionals.

About Compass
Compass provides pro bono strategic consulting services to nonprofits. Compass recruits, trains and supports teams of volunteers, mainly MBAs from top business schools, who provide the consulting services. Compass gives placement preference to applicants who have an MBA. However, we do accept a significant number of non-MBAs on each team, especially those with consulting, Compass, nonprofit, or board experience.

Compass Process
Through a careful screening and interviewing process, Compass chooses nonprofit clients. Compass selected ten clients for the 2015-16 project year in Philadelphia. Compass projects focus on the strategic areas of Board Development, Funding Strategies, and Strategic Alignment.

Compass selects graduates from top business schools or senior business professionals as Project Leaders, and then staffs each project team with a mix of volunteers who bring complementary skills and experiences. Compass carefully matches Project Leaders, volunteers, and clients to create the most effective working relationships.

Compass provides client and volunteer training, online collaboration tools, support, and structure to the teams. Projects last approximately seven months – from early fall until late spring.

Volunteering with Compass
Compass is not just a matchmaking service between business professionals and local nonprofits. The Compass program has been fine-tuned with proven processes ranging from client and volunteer selection to project implementation. Volunteering with Compass is a chance to use your business skills to make a meaningful and lasting connection with a local nonprofit in need. To learn more about being a Compass volunteer, please click here.

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2017-18 Greater Philadelphia Projects
To see the full list of 2017-18 Greater Philadelphia projects, please click here.

Compass is grateful for the support of the United Way Foundation of Greater Philadelphia.