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Client Testimonials

“From all of us at SeniorLAW Center, our heartfelt thanks! For your many, many hours of volunteering, expertise, business acumen and strategic insight. Your work will make an enormous impact in the lives of thousands of older women, veterans, grandparents and families facing violence, homelessness, exploitation and poverty. And will for years to come. You inspire us to be our best!”
– SeniorLAW Center

“Teens Run DC supports the health and well-being of underserved, low income youth through a distance running, life skills training, and mentoring program.  Fundamental to our programming is that learning and growth occur within the context of caring relationships.  As we attempt to hold the youth under our care, we have felt so well held by Compass and its team of volunteers.  As we attempt to understand and support the growth of our youth, we have felt understood and supported by our Compass team.  They demonstrated expertise, professionalism, and caring in their process and their product that was invaluable and allows us to move forward as we seek to build our infrastructure and achieve long-term sustainability.”
– Teens Run DC

“As a direct result of the Compass team recommendations, we were able to quickly double the capacity of our programming with only a 25% increase in costs.”
– Executive Director, Alexandria Seaport Foundation

“We have doubled the staff and tripled the number of clients we serve – all while maintaining the quality of our service – and we could not have done that if Compass had not helped us build the infrastructure and shown us how to solve problems strategically as a management team.”
– Executive Director, Children’s Law Center

“The Compass Team provided more than we bargained for. Fresh eyes and considerable expertise offered insights that we had never considered. I’ve learned so much about what having an MBA means and about the knowledge and expertise that [Compass volunteers] are able to bring to the non-profit world. We’re very excited about the work that our team has done. They’ve provided a model for us that has even broader application than our actual Adult Education Program.”
– Hope Partnership for Education

“The Compass team provided HCV with an extremely valuable first-cut document on how to position itself with funders. The Compass team taught me, a 20-year veteran in fundraising, several marketing approaches that will serve HCV well, both in terms of image and fundraising.”
– Executive Director, Hispanic Committee of Virginia

“The Compass team recommended strategies for recruiting and orienting new board members so they’ll be most effective. Overall, I expect Compass’ work with us will allow us to expand our reach by 50% this year.”
– Executive Director, Urban Alliance

“We went from 35,000 to 40,000 clients and and were able to raise over $200,000 more in one year.”
– Mary’s Center

“Compass truly helped our organization move from a small organization running at status quo to a medium sized organization which moved to a new facility, better board policies and procedures, and helped us put into perspective what we needed to do in order for us to expand in the future.  It would have taken YEARS for us to do this on our own!  And…our team (not to brag) was PHENOMENAL!”
– Insight Memory Care Center

“When bright, productive minds come together that can scrutinize an organization with objectivity, it can create a powerful information source that allows that organization to examine its own potential.  That was the case with Compass and Chester County OIC. The engagement with Compass volunteers seems to have brought us light years ahead in our development.  And it has had a trickle over (not down) effect from board to staff.  They delivered wonderful, usable output that we began to use immediately.”
– Chester County OIC