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2010-11 Project Roster


Arlington, VA

AMEN provides financial assistance to Arlington residents who experience emergencies that make it impossible to pay their bills. Their programs focus on homelessness prevention financial assistance to pay rent for households at risk of eviction. They also offer a Daily Emergency Financial Assistance Program to pay bills for rent, utilities, medical/dental/prescriptions, transportation and work-required clothing and equipment.

AMEN needs to bring new people onto their board, to add diversity and additional skill sets.  They have asked Compass to help them professionalize their board with a board development project.


Chevy Chase, MD

The Audubon Naturalist Society inspires residents of the greater Washington, DC region to appreciate, understand, and protect their natural environment through outdoor experiences, education, and advocacy.  They are the region’s largest provider of environmental education.

ANS has requested a board development project that will help them develop a more strategic board.


Washington, DC

The BSF is dedicated to maintaining access to independent schools for African American children from low to modest income households.  The program puts underprivileged students in grades K-12 in the most challenging academic environments. The BSF supports these students academically as well as socially as they navigate the challenges that arise during their school years.

The BSF is in a time of transition organizationally, and has requested a board development project.  They need an updated governance structure, more engaged committees, and other board best practices which will enable the organization to grow and modernize.


Washington, DC

The César Chávez Public Charter Schools for Public Policy provide a high quality public school option for young people residing in the District of Columbia’s most impoverished and underserved communities. The Chávez schools prepare D.C. students to succeed in competitive colleges so that they can use their lives to make a positive difference in the world.

Chávez Public Charter Schools is requesting a two-year strategic planning project to develop a strategic plan that can guide their organization for the next 3-5 years.


College Park, MD

Founded 10 years ago as part of the University of Maryland, the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center (CSC) serves more than 100,000 people throughout the Greater Washington area. CSC hosts nearly 1,000 public events each year, and offers a robust mix of performances and services. CSC is led by a mission to transform lives through sustained engagement with the arts.

The horizon on CSC’s last strategic plan has passed, and they are in need of a new strategic plan for their next phase of growth.  CSC has requested a two-year strategic planning project to bring long-term discipline to daily decisions and activities, and to guide their growth.


Washington, DC

The mission of CSF is to inspire underserved, low-income students to finish high school, and to provide a unique integrated system of supports and scholarships they need to graduate college and succeed in life. CSF operates programs throughout the educational pipeline to help students achieve college degrees

With a long-term grant coming to an end, CSF has requested a funding strategy project to help them diversify funding for sustained operations beyond the next several years.


Washington, DC

Community Education Group (CEG) is a public health organization that focuses its work on HIV/AIDS prevention and education in Washington, DC, especially in the African-American community and among women. CEG has grass-roots, or street-level, HIV-testing and outreach/education efforts that reach 5,000 people per year, and has successful programs that train and bring high-risk individuals into its community outreach staff.

CEG has requested a one-year strategic planning project that will guide CEG’s work over the next five years. The plan will incorporate an analysis of how CEG can optimize its services under the national Health Care Reform that should be substantially implemented by 2014.


Washington, DC

CuDC makes space for art. They are dedicated to increasing and sustaining the presence of arts and culture and providing places for arts organizations and artists to live, create, exhibit, sell, rehearse, perform and convene. CuDC’s mission is to create opportunities for artists and arts organizations that stimulate economic development and improve the quality of life in the DC area.

CuDC has requested a strategic alignment project for strategically assessing programs to ensure that they are in alignment with their mission and organizational goals.


Washington, DC

The D.C. Law Students in Court Program (LSIC) has a dual mission of providing legal services to low-income D.C. residents and training third-year law students in lawyering and courtroom advocacy skills. LSIC serves over 4,500 individuals per year primarily through its civil division, where the large majority of cases relate to landlord-tenant/housing matters.  LSIC’s criminal division handles misdemeanors and juvenile cases in D.C. Superior Court.  LSIC’s law students come from American, Catholic, Georgetown, George Washington and Howard law schools.

The Compass project will focus on board development to help clarify the roles of its individual members, its role as a Board, its values and priorities; develop clear processes for decision and policy making; and build an overall understanding of board governance, a clear constructive relationship with a fairly new executive director, and the confidence of the LSIC staff.


Washington, DC

Emmaus Services for the Aging provides support, advocacy, and services to underprivileged seniors to help them live active, independent lives within a supportive community. Emmaus has been a grass roots organization since 1978, building a range of services that mirror services of retirement communities for those who live in their homes or who are homeless.

This project will focus on developing a funding strategy. Emmaus seeks to diversify its funding base with individual and corporate donors, and to equip the Board of Directors with tools to effectively engage potential donors.


Washington, DC

The Elsie Stokes Public Charter School prepares 320 culturally diverse elementary school students in the District of Columbia to be leaders, scholars and responsible citizens who are committed to social justice. Stokes teaches children to think, speak, read, write and learn in two languages: English and French or English and Spanish.

Through a two-year strategic planning project, Stokes School seeks to update the organization’s strategic plan, in particular aligning board and organizational leadership around organizational goals and strategic activities.


Washington, DC

FONA’s mission is to support the U.S. National Arboretum’s unfunded public projects, to raise the Arboretum’s public profile, and to sponsor public education programs. FONA is partnering with the Arboretum and DC Central Kitchen to expand the Arboretum’s Youth Garden to provide food for DC Public Schools.

This project will be a pilot project focusing on strategic partnerships within the nonprofit community. Specifically, FONA has asked for assistance reviewing the goals of the partnership, assessing the strength of each partner, identifying options for structuring the partnership, and assessing the viability of each option.


Alexandria, VA

GSH’s mission is to reduce homelessness, increase community support, and promote self-sufficiency. Last year, GSH helped more than 775 households (approximately 2,100 people) avoid homelessness thanks to the services and support offered.
GSH is requesting a two-year strategic planning project. A central issue to be addressed in the next plan is how to balance the two prongs of their strategy: housing (ending homelessness) and emergency services.


Washington, DC

The Helen Hayes Awards’ mission is to build audiences, honor excellence in DC theatre, and educate youth.

This is the second year of a two-year strategic planning project. Last year, the Compass team helped HHA develop a vision for moving the organization forward. This year, the project will focus on filling out the plan to ensure implementation. (Note: There will be limited spaces available for new team members.)


Washington, DC

Higher Achievement provides educational support to Junior High School students in the Washington, DC public schools through intensive after-school instruction, homework assistance and mentoring, and a six-week summer program.  Higher Achievement currently serves more than 500 DC students and has plans to double enrollment in the program.

Higher Achievement has requested a funding strategy project to build a development plan that is based on diversified revenue streams in order to support the organization’s growth.


Washington, DC

Hope and a Home’s mission is to empower low income Washington, DC families to create stable homes for themselves, and to make lasting changes in their lives. Hope and a Home reaches approximately 130 people a year through four main programs: providing transitional housing; ensuring children are thriving in school; enabling parents and caregivers to pursue educational and vocational training; and tutoring, mentoring and life skills training for high-risk/high-potential high school students.
Hope and a Home has requested a strategic planning project, to help Hope and a Home achieve sustainability, and also for assistance with a longer-range “vision” of the organization that includes serving a broader range of families.


Washington, DC

The Kingsbury Center is a leading-edge provider of education assessment for individuals with learning differences. Through their tutoring center, K-12 day school, and diagnostic and psychological services unit, they serve almost 1,500 people a year.

Kingsbury is in the second year of a strategic planning project that assesses their current leadership structure, organizational mix and size, and relationship with the DC Public School system. (Note: There will be limited spaces available for new team members.)


Washington, DC;

The National Trust for Historic Preservation provides leadership, education, and advocacy to save America’s diverse historic places and revitalize our communities. President Lincoln’s Cottage preserves and interprets President Lincoln’s seasonal retreat to engage the public in an exploration of Lincoln the leader and the private man. Since opening to the public in February 2008, the site has welcomed over 55,000 people.

The National Trust is requesting a strategic planning project that will provide a road map to develop President Lincoln’s Cottage into a thriving, financially sustainable and nimble historic site.


Alexandria, VA

NV AHEC provides hundreds of professional interpreters, and translates numerous highly technical documents for the top hospitals and human and health agencies in the Washington, DC Metro area.

NV AHEC is requesting a strategic alignment project to help determine how extensively to affiliate with a partner organization whose scope may not be completely aligned with NV AHEC. This project will include some branding assistance.


Arlington, VA

Signature Theatre is a Tony Award®-winning, professional theater company dedicated to producing contemporary musicals and plays, reinventing classic musicals, developing new work, and reaching its community through engaging educational and outreach opportunities. In 2007, Signature moved into a new building, which added a significant financial burden to the theatre and kept the theatre focused on short-term activities.

Signature has requested a two-year strategic planning project to develop a 5-10 year strategic plan that will guide the organization’s ambitions, articulate its goals, as well as provide a benchmark against which to evaluate the appropriateness of ancillary activities.


Arlington, VA

SOC’s primary mission is to expand employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Compass would be working with their facility-based employment programs, where SOC provides support services to develop Adult Daily Living Skills that promote self-sufficiency in a vocational rehabilitation environment. Currently, they provide printing and similar services.

SOC has asked Compass for a funding strategy project to help identify an additional business line (and revenue source) for their facility-based employment programs that could be implemented within the next two years.


Washington, DC

TFCC serves children in DC who are diagnosed with emotional disorders. They are currently the only organization in DC providing their services to this population. TFCC works to help kids remain in their neighborhood or reunite with their families.

TFCC is requesting a strategic alignment project to help them establish a consistent and sustainable vision and mission, and to identify strategies to achieve the same.


Washington, DC

The Washington Ballet presents classical and contemporary ballet programs through its performing company and studio company. The Washington School of Ballet is considered one of the leading ballet schools in the country. The Washington Ballet has an extensive community engagement program in Southeast Washington at its Anacostia campus and through its Dance DC program which is offered in several DC public elementary schools.

Washington Ballet is seeking a two-year strategic planning project. They need a three- to five-year strategic business plan that focuses the entire organization and its constituents on specific goals and priorities.


Washington, DC

Washington National Cathedral has four core areas of focus: 1) to be a spiritual home for the nation, 2) to be a national landmark and destination for tourists, 3) to have a vibrant worshipping community, and 4) to be a convener of important interfaith dialogue and reconciliation.

Washington National Cathedral is requesting a funding strategy project to identify, analyze and provide a business case for new sources of non-contributed income.


Washington, DC

Washington Yu Ying is a public charter school whose mission is inspiring, challenging, and preparing young people to achieve their full potential and to create a better world within a nurturing Chinese/English immersion environment. Yu Ying provides elementary and middle school students with a rigorous International Baccalaureate Primary Years and Middle Years Program curriculum in both Chinese and English languages. Yu Ying currently serves children through Grade 2. The school will grow by one grade each year until the school reaches 8th grade.

Yu Ying is seeking a board development project to help the founding board transition to a board that can lead Yu Ying as it grows to fulfill its mission.


Bethesda, MD

Yellow Ribbon Fund assists injured service members and their families while the service member is being treated at Walter Reed Army Medical Center or Bethesda Naval Hospital for war-sustained wounds suffered in Iraq or Afghanistan. The organization provided more than 700 families with hotel rooms and more than 200 families with rental cars in the past year.

Yellow Ribbon Fund is requesting a funding strategy project that will broaden their fundraising outreach while also doing some advance work to protect their fundraising viability when the “war comes off the front page,” and they shift some focus from the newly injured soldiers to the long-term needs of veteran amputees.


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