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2011-12 Classic Project Roster

Glen Echo, MD

Adventure Theatre (ATC) is the longest-running theatre program for children and families in the Washington metropolitan area.  ATC serves 50,000 students a year, offering professional theatrical productions, classes, workshops and camps. When the Compass project begins, ATC will have just merged with Musical Theater Center, which provides school age students the highest quality performing arts education.

As a result of the merger, the newly formed organization will be creating a new board from each organization’s current directors. This is a board development project that will focus on creating a board structure and operating policies for the newly formed board.

*This project has been put on hold until next year.

Arlington, VA

The Alexandria Seaport Foundation works with at-risk youth ages 17-23 who become apprentices in boat building. The program’s objective is to help these young people turn their lives around, acquire skills, find meaningful employment, and get on a path toward productive and responsible lives. Apprentices construct full size wooden boats under the guidance of volunteers and staff, receive classroom training in math and other subjects, and are mentored and supported.

Alexandria Seaport Foundation needs to broaden its donor base and explore opportunities to increase earned income and has requested a funding strategy project.

Silver Spring, MD

The mission of the Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County (AHCMC) is to provide leadership that sustains arts and humanities organizations, artists and scholars,and inspires participation in the County’s rich cultural assets. AHCMC provides professional development and marketing services to nearly 125 nonprofit organizations in Montgomery County.

AHCMC has requested a funding strategy project to develop a business and marketing plan that communicates the full scope of services they are providing to their clients and the community.

Bethesda, MD

The mission of The Barker Foundation is to serve all members of the adoption circle (domestic and international) including birth parents, adopted persons, adopted parents, and anyone else whose life is touched by adoption. The Barker Foundation is an advocate for ethical, respectful and child-centered adoption practices.

The Barker Foundation has requested a strategic planning project to guide them for the next five years.

Washington, DC

The Black Student Fund (BSF) is dedicated to maintaining access to independent schools for African-American children from low- to modest-income households. The program puts underprivileged students in grades K-12 in the most challenging academic environments. The BSF supports these students academically as well as socially, as they navigate the challenges that arise during their school years.

The Black Student Fund is requesting a two-year strategic planning project.

Washington, DC

The César Chávez Public Charter Schools for Public Policy provide a high quality public school option for young people residing in the District of Columbia’s most impoverished and underserved communities. The Chávez schools prepare D.C. students to succeed in competitive colleges so that they can use their lives to make a positive difference in the world.

Chávez Public Charter Schools is in their second year of a strategic planning project. There will be a limited number of volunteer spots on this project.

Washington, DC

City First Enterprises (CFE) is dedicated to developing innovative, market-oriented solutions that expand opportunity and create stability for low- and moderate-income families in Washington, DC. Through creative use of subsidy and unique partnerships, CFE leverages private capital sources to drive investment in underserved areas of DC. CFE has launched new community development entities that include City First Bank, City First Capital and City First Homes.

CFE is asking Compass for a strategic alignment project to help them develop a more intentional approach for the future growth and development.

College Park, MD

Founded 10 years ago as part of the University of Maryland, the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center (CSC) serves more than 100,000 people throughout the Greater Washington area. CSC hosts nearly 1,000 public events each year, and offers a robust mix of performances and services. CSC is led by a mission to transform lives through sustained engagement with the arts.

Clarice Smith has requested a board development project that will address the unique board situation of a performing arts organization located within a university. There will be a limited number of volunteer spots on this project.

Washington, DC

Communities in Schools of the Nation’s Capital (CIS) serves six schools located in Wards 5 and 8 in the District. Its primary focus is to improve disadvantaged children’s performance in school by improving grades, attendance and graduation rates for elementary through high school. CIS provides whole school prevention activities, targeted interventions and case management services for individual students.

CIS plans to expand to expand the number of schools it serves and needs to increase and smooth its funding flows.  They have asked Compass to assist them in developing a long-term funding approach with a funding strategy project.

Takoma Park, MD

The Dance Exchange is an intergenerational dance lab dedicated to multiple artistic voices and dances rooted in the particularity of people and places. This vision is manifested in company performances and workshops offered to both professional dances and novices.  Liz Lerman, the founding Executive Director, is leaving the organization this year to make room for the next generation. Her move creates both challenges and opportunities for the organization.

During this crucial transition, Compass will help Dance Exchange create a strategic plan. This will be the first year of a twoyear strategic planning project.

Washington, DC

DASH provides relief to survivors of domestic and sexual violence,through emergency and long-term safe housing, and innovative homelessness prevention services. In less than four years, DASH has grown to become the city’s largest dedicated housing provider for victims of violence and their children.

DASH would like to develop a plan to ensure their long-term sustainability and impact. They have asked Compass to help them create a more sustainable and systematic funding strategy.

Washington, DC

The Elsie Stokes Public Charter School prepares 320 culturally diverse elementary school students in the District of Columbia to be leaders, scholars and responsible citizens who are committed to social justice. Stokes teaches children to think, speak, read, write and learn in two languages: English and French or English and Spanish.

In the second year of a strategic planning project, Stokes School seeks to update the organization’s strategic plan, in particular aligning board and organizational leadership around organizational goals and strategic activities. There will be a limited number of volunteer spots on this project.

Fairfax, VA

FACETS Cares is considered a key participant in Fairfax County’s efforts to eradicate homelessness. FACETS Cares began assisting the less fortunate nearly 25 years ago by serving hot meals. Last year, FACETS Cares served nearly 5,000 people. They recently began working to house the homeless through a network of faith communities which volunteer their places of worship and members’ time. FACETS Cares has also developed additional programs around life and career skills for their beneficiaries, education programs for kids in transition, and veterans support.

FACETS Cares has an extraordinary collection of strategic objectives in the upcoming years and recognizes that municipal funding may erode over the same period of time.  They have requested a funding strategy project to assist in the development of a plan to expand the sources of their private and corporate contributors.

Falls Church, VA

Homestretch provides housing and support services to homeless families to help them attain self-sufficiency within two years of entering the program. Among the services provided are basic education, job training, ESL, financial literacy, transportation, and childcare. Homestretch provides services to approximately 110 homeless families every year.

Homestretch is entering the first year of a two-year strategic planning project to help them reposition themselves in the market given the changes brought about by the economic downturn.

Washington, DC

The mission of Howard University’s School of Communication is to establish and maintain an education environment conductive to the highest level of excellence, to provide its students with an educational competence that is founded and grounded in ethics, academic freedom, the disciplined and rigorous pursuit of knowledge, a commitment to social advocacy and social justice and a responsibility for leadership.

Howard University is entering its second year of a strategic planning project that is helping to develop both short-term and long-term goals for the school. There will be a limited number of volunteer spots on this project.

Washington, DC

Iona’s mission is to support people as they experience the challenges and opportunities of aging. Iona educates, advocates and provides community-based programs and services to help people age well and live well. Iona’s core programs are built around the needs of those who are facing challenging in aging, but Iona also offers programs to support caregivers and to promote healthy living.

Iona has asked for strategic alignment project to allow them to  morefully utilize their building, and to provide the most relevant services to older adults.

Washington, DC

Kid Power is a civics-based organization that provides academic, artistic, nutritional, and service-learning opportunities for youth in under-served neighborhoods in the District of Columbia. Kid Power empowers youths to become informed and engaged advocates for change in their own lives and in their communities.

Kid Power actively seeks out community collaboration to increase programmatic impact. Kid Power has requested a strategic partnership project which will help them identify new opportunities for partnerships, and enhance their ability to work with the Private-Public School Network to grow their programs.

Fairfax, VA

Main Street Child Development Center’s mission is to provide a quality, accredited early childhood learning program so children ages 2-5 of limited income working families can grow and thrive in a nurturing environment. Main Street also provides additional services such as ESL classes, parenting classes, and computer training/tutoring for many of families of students throughout the year.

Main Street Child Development Center has requested a funding strategy project to help their fundraising become more efficient and sustainable.

College Park, MD

National History Day (NHD) seeks to teach essential historical literacy that motivates students to secure the future of democracy. NHD is an annual student research program that culminates in a series of academic contests at the local, state and national level. NHD also offers an annual summer history institute for teachers and high school students, and develops curriculum material for classrooms. NHD is based out of the University of Maryland and serves 20,000 middle and high school age students in the DC Metro Area and 600,000 students nationwide.

NHD is seeking to diversify its revenue streams and is requesting a funding strategy project to look at earned income options.

Washington, DC

The National Trust for Historic Preservation provides leadership, education, and advocacy to save America’s diverse historic places and revitalize our communities. President Lincoln’s Cottage preserves and interprets President Lincoln’s seasonal retreat to engage the public in an exploration of Lincoln the leader and the private man. Since opening to the public in February 2008, the site has welcomed over 55,000 people.

The National Trust is in the second year of a two-year strategic planning project that will provide a road map to develop President Lincoln’s Cottage into a thriving, financially sustainable and nimble historic site. There will be a limited number of volunteer spaces on this project.

Washington, DC

The Perry School Community Services Center provides a wide range of programs and services aimed at eradicating poverty in the Ward 6/NOMA neighborhood in which it is located, and which is historically one of the most underserved areas within the Capital.  The Center serves approximately 2,400 people, with programs that include youth and family services, employment readiness/skills training, financial counseling and family counseling.

In response to funding challenges and the approaching retirement of the Executive Director (planned but not imminent), the organization has begun to restructure the board and increase private sector fundraising efforts. They are seeking advice on strategic alignment, in order to evaluate whether the Center is employing its limited resources (talent and money) in the most effective way.

Washington, DC

Rosemount Center provides comprehensive early childhood education and family support services for 350+  families in a bilingual multicultural setting. Rosemount provides full-year early childhood education in its classrooms for infant/toddler and prechool children, as well as a home-based program for families in seven of eight Wards of the District of Columbia.

Rosemount Center is requesting a two-year strategic planning project to develop a plan to guide the organization with respect to market and program development and governance.

Arlington, VA

Signature Theatre is a Tony Award®-winning, professional theater company dedicated to producing contemporary musicals and plays, reinventing classic musicals, developing new work, and reaching its community through engaging educational and outreach opportunities. In 2007, Signature moved into a new building, which added a significant financial burden to the theatre and kept the theatre focused on short-term activities.

Signature is in the second year of a two-year strategic planning project to develop a 5-10 year strategic plan that will guide the organization’s ambitions, articulate its goals, as well as provide a benchmark against which to evaluate the appropriateness of ancillary activities. There will be a limited number of volunteer spaces on this project.

Lanham, MD

Volunteers of America Chesapeake (VOAC) is a branch of one of the nation’s largest and most comprehensive human service organization, the Volunteers of America. VOAC draws from a broad spectrum of religions and is dedicated to “inspire self reliance, dignity and hope” through 26 programs in five areas of health and human services including permanent housing, emergency shelter and mental health treatment services.

VOAC is looking into partnerships and/or mergers with other nonprofit service providers to align and leverage government contracts and grants. They have asked Compass to help them with a strategic partnerships and mergers project.

Washington, DC

The Washington Ballet presents classical and contemporary ballet programs through its performing company and studio company. The Washington School of Ballet is considered one of the leading ballet schools in the country. The Washington Ballet has an extensive community engagement program in Southeast Washington at its Anacostia campus and through its Dance DC program which is offered in several DC public elementary schools.

Washington Ballet is in the second year of a two-year strategic planning project. They need a three- to five-year strategic plan that focuses the entire organization and its constituents on specific goals and priorities.

Washington, DC

The Women’s Collective meets the needs of women, girls, and their families living with, or at-risk for, HIV/AIDS & STDs by reducing barriers to care, strengthening their network of support and services, and improving health outcomes.  The Women’s Collective provides care management for 300 women in Washington, DC; testing and prevention programs for an additional 4,000 – 5,000 women; and advocacy at a local and national level.

The Women’s Collective is requesting a board development project to help them better understand their board’s strengths and to identify areas that will improve its effectiveness.

Chevy Chase, MD

Wonders Child Care is one of the largest, nonprofit child care organizations in Montgomery County and the District of Columbia. Affordable day care has become a national issue for many families, but especially those at the middle and lower income levels. Wonders is seeking to find ways to increase their services to help families address the need for affordable day care.

Wonders Child Care is requesting a two-year strategic planning project to develop a plan to guide the organization as it addresses this critical societal issue.


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