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2012-13 Classic Project Roster


Washington, D.C.

501cTECH seeks to build and support the sustainable technology capacity of nonprofits by providing organizations with a range of affordable technology support and services.  501cTECH offers enterprise-level technology services at affordable rates to organizations serving the common good.

This year, 501cTECH will receive a strategic alignment project to help them identify potential new programs the organization might offer.

Accokeek, MD

The Accokeek Foundation is dedicated to the preservation of the historical sites, vegetation and wildlife on the shore of the Potomac River. The 200 acres of Piscataway Park serve as an outdoor classroom for educational programs about land conservation, historic preservation, sustainable agriculture, and environmental stewardship. The Accokeek Foundation also trains apprentice farmers in organic farming techniques.

Accokeek has relatively new leadership and has requested a strategic alignment project to explore how best to utilize their resources to have the greatest impact possible.

Glen Echo, MD

Adventure Theatre MTC (ATMTC) is the longest-running theatre program for children and families in the Washington metropolitan area.  ATMTC serves 50,000 students a year, offering professional theatrical productions, classes, workshops and camps. Last year, ATMTC merged with Musical Theater Center, which provides school age students the highest quality performing arts education.

As a result of the merger, the newly formed organization will be creating a new board. This is a board development project that will focus on creating structure and policies for the newly formed board.

Washington, D.C.

Ayuda works to protect the rights of low-income immigrants in the Washington, D.C. area by providing legal and social assistance to immigrants in the areas of immigration, human trafficking, domestic violence, and sexual assault. The overall goal of Ayuda is to improve the ability of its clients to live safe, violence-free lives and become fully participating members of the community.

Ayuda is requesting a board development project to help assess the board’s capabilities and set in place a clear governance plan.

Bethesda, MD

The mission of The Barker Foundation is to serve all members of the adoption circle (domestic and international) including birth parents, adopted persons, adopted parents, and anyone else whose life is touched by adoption. The Barker Foundation is an advocate for ethical, respectful and child-centered adoption practices.

The Barker Foundation is in the second year of a two-year strategic planning project that will guide them for the next five years. There will be limited spots for new team members.

Washington, D.C.

The Black Student Fund (BSF) is dedicated to maintaining access to independent schools for African-American children from low to modest income households. The program puts underprivileged students in grades K-12 in the most challenging academic environments. The BSF supports these students academically as well as socially, as they navigate the challenges that arise during their school years.

The Black Student Fund is in the second year of a two-year strategic planning project. There will be limited spots for new team members.

Washington, D.C.

Several nonprofits in Greater Washington that help build the capacity of other local nonprofits have come together to explore opportunities for collaboration. The Collaborative has asked Compass to help identify areas where they can work together to better serve the community. Some organizations in the collaborative include 501cTECH, Fair Chance, The Catalogue for Philanthropy, Leadership Sanctuary, Taproot, Compass, Hands On Greater DC Cares, Mosaica, and Volunteer Fairfax.

This will be a strategic alignment project.

Alexandria, VA 

Carpenter’s Shelter provides shelter, education and advocacy for homeless individuals and families seeking stability and sustainable independence. The organization provides a Continuum of Care Program through a three-pronged approach: outreach, which connects the chronically homeless with Carpenter’s Shelter services; case management, which is goal oriented and helps individuals and families address the root cause of their homelessness; and supportive services.

The Shelter is seeking a funding strategy project to conduct an analysis of a new funding initiative.

Silver Spring, MD

The Chelsea School works to prepare middle school and high school students diagnosed with language-based learning disabilities for higher education. Chelsea provides an academic program that embeds literacy and technology into all aspects of the curriculum. The school serves as the “last chance” for students who are failing out of public school due to learning-based issues, not behavioral issues.

The Chelsea School is requesting a strategic planning project to help them transition and ensure the long-term sustainability of the program.

Gaithersburg, MD

Child Center and Adult Services works to enrich the lives of individuals and families in Montgomery County struggling to find mental health help by addressing the gaps in mental health resources. The organization offers counseling services and acts as a bridge between health care providers and their patients seeking mental health services.

CCAS will receive a strategic alignment project to help ensure the sustainability of the organization.

Washington, D.C.

DC Action for Children is a an organization dedicated to ensuring that all children in the District of Columbia have the opportunity to reach their full potential. DC Action’s mission is to increase public awareness of issues facing children and youth in the District; to support effective public policies, funding and programs; to collaborate with local government, the school system, other advocacy groups and providers to boost quality and access to early care and education; and to empower families, organizations and communities to advocate for our youngest citizens.

DC Action for Children is requesting a board development project to help the board better understand their strengths and identify areas to improve effectiveness.

Washington, D.C.

The D.C. Bar Foundation is dedicated to providing individuals in Washington, D.C. with equal access to the justice system by supporting legal representation for the vulnerable and disadvantaged in the District. The organization provides grants to organizations like Legal Aid that provide affordable civil legal services to low-income individuals. In addition, the organization runs a loan repayment program that allows young lawyers burdened with student debt to pursue careers in poverty law.

The organization will receive a two-year strategic planning project to help them reevaluate their funding and programs and increase their visibility.

Washington, D.C.

Education Strengthens Families Public Charter School aims to empower families by providing education for children and parents through a culturally sensitive literacy model. The organization focuses on the immigrant community, offering courses such as English as a Second Language, Literacy and Career Training and early childhood programs.

ESF is requesting a board development project to help them assess the board’s capabilities, align the board’s activities with the current strategic plan, and develop strategies for board member recruitment.

Alexandria, VA 

Good Shepherd Housing and Family Services works to reduce homelessness, increase family support and promote self-sufficiency. The organization offers several programs including emergency services for those facing eviction, connections to affordable housing, budget counseling to help families improve their credit history, and support for the children of families receiving services from Good Shepherd.

Good Shepherd is interested in a strategic partnerships and mergers project to explore how three human services nonprofits serving the same geographic area and providing complementary programs might plan and work more collaboratively.

Washington, D.C.

Green America supports individuals and local businesses and communities to increase green living, strengthen green business practices and grow the green economy.  Programs and services include Green Business Certification, Green Festival – the nation’s premiere sustainability event – and publications such as Green Pages Online.

Green America will receive a two year strategic planning support from Compass to increase the scale and impact of its programs.

Falls Church, Virginia

Homestretch provides housing and support services to homeless families to help them attain self-sufficiency within two years of entering the program. Among the services provided are basic education, job training, ESL, financial literacy, transportation, and childcare. Homestretch provides services to approximately 110 homeless families every year.

Homestretch is entering the second year of a two-year strategic planning project to help them reposition themselves in the market given the changes brought about by the economic downturn. There will be limited spots for new team members.

Washington, D.C.

Founded in 1991, the Latino Economic Development Center (LEDC) provides services and loans for small business development as well as counseling on homeownership, foreclosure and affordable housing preservation. LEDC helps Latinos and other area residents gain financial independence and improve their quality of life through classes, workshops, individual counseling and technical assistance.

LEDC wants to grow its micro-lending activities by forming a separate entity called CAFÉ (Community Asset Fund for Entrepreneurs) and seeks a strategic alignment project to achieve this goal.

Washington, D.C. 

The Levine School of Music is the preeminent center for music education in the D.C. metropolitan area. The Levine School has four campuses and educates more than 3,500 students every year. Levine creates a welcoming community centered around music, with frequent performances involving students and faculty, and a range of courses for children and adults.

This year, the Levine School will begin a two-year strategic planning project to examine areas for growth and development.

Annapolis, MD

As a multi-disciplined arts center, Maryland Hall provides exceptional opportunities for lifelong community participation in arts education, the visual arts and performing arts. The center offers a variety of classes, and draws together the local community around the arts with a range of performances and exhibitions. The Maryland Hall is home to performance space for The Annapolis Chorale, The Annapolis Opera, The Annapolis Symphony Orchestra and the Ballet Theatre of Maryland.

Maryland Hall is hoping to begin a major renovation of its performance spaces and has requested a funding strategy project to help them create a business plan for their ongoing operations while they work through the renovation activities.

Washington, D.C.

Mary’s Center provides a range of health and social services to primarily Latino immigrants and other minority groups. The Center works to save lives, stabilize families and strengthen communities through its social change model that integrates health care, education and social services in a linguistically and culturally appropriate manner for each individual.

Mary’s Center is requesting a funding strategy project to help them expand their donor base and think about their funding strategy as a whole.

Clifton, VA

The Northern Virginia Therapeutic Riding Program (NVTRP) is dedicated to enriching the lives of children and adults with disabilities, youths-at-risk, and veterans through the challenging, physically active sport of horseback riding. Horseback riding has been shown to be one of the most beneficial recreation programs for people with disabilities. The organization recently secured a permanent home for the program and is now focusing on sustainability.

NVTRP will receive a two-year strategic planning project focused on evaluating growth objectives for the next five years and tactics for achieving those objectives.

Washington, D.C. 

The Student Support Center (SSC) employs a multi-pronged approach to assist D.C. charter schools in developing systems and programs to meet the behavioral health and social/emotional needs of their students. Their work is at the intersection of school reform and youth development. Their current project provides wide-ranging information sharing and service coordination to all 93 D.C. charter schools. They also provide programs on emergency preparedness training, teen pregnancy, substance abuse, and effective student/teacher engagement strategies to DC charter schools.

The SSC is asking Compass for a board development project. They want to raise the level of performance of the board collectively and individually to become a recognized Board of Excellence.

Washington, D.C.

Public Allies recruits young adults, ages 18-39, from diverse backgrounds and prepares them for leadership through nonprofit apprenticeships and leadership training over a 10-month period.  Public Allies Washington, D.C. currently has 27 Allies working in 17 organizations that serve low-income children, adults and families in Washington, DC and suburban Maryland.

Public Allies has requested a strategic alignment project to support them in maximizing their impact on the DC community by identifying optimal nonprofit partners and focus areas for their Ally program.

Washington, D.C.

Quality Trust is an independent catalyst for change in the lives of people of all ages with developmental disabilities. Quality Trust partners with people and their families to succeed, thrive, and experience full membership in the communities they choose. Their vision is a community where everyone is respected, belongs, contributes, is valued and shapes his or her own present and future. Quality Trust’s services include individual and family advocacy, legal advocacy and education, monitoring, and community education and technical assistance.

Quality Trust is requesting a board development project to evaluate and help adapt their board structure and operating policies to support its vision.

Washington, D.C.

The United Planning Organization (UPO) offers a variety of programs including early education, youth programming, adult education, training and job placement, and volunteer opportunities to move members of the community from poverty to self-sufficiency.

UPO is requesting a strategic alignment project focusing on the various lines of business in the organization.

Washington, D.C.

The Washington Ballet presents classical and contemporary ballet programs through its performing company and studio company. The Washington School of Ballet is considered one of the leading ballet schools in the country. The Washington Ballet has an extensive community engagement program in Southeast Washington at its Anacostia campus and through its Dance DC program, which is offered in several DC public elementary schools.

The Washington Ballet will receive a funding strategy project to assess current revenue sources and to create a new development plan that is aligned with the organization’s recently developed strategic plan.

Chevy Chase, MD

Wonders Child Care is one of the largest, nonprofit child care organizations in Montgomery County and the District of Columbia. Affordable day care has become a national issue for many families, but especially those at the middle and lower income levels. Wonders is seeking to find ways to increase their services to help families address the need for affordable day care.

Wonders Child Care is in the second year of a two-year strategic planning project to develop a plan to guide the organization as it addresses this critical societal issue. There will be limited spots for new team members.


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