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Thursday June 13, 2019

Volunteer opportunities: We bring together high-impact teams to work with nonprofit leaders on structured strategic consulting projects. We access a diverse and exceptionally skilled set of business professionals, and are extremely selective, ensuring Compass work represents the best the business community has to offer.  Throughout, Compass remains committed equally to our clients and volunteers, working hard to ensure enriching, positive experiences for all.

  • Project Leaders: (applications open late August)

Compass Project Leaders work closely with the nonprofit clients to determine project scope and with the volunteers to guide the work plan. Project Leaders are typically graduates from one of our partner business schools. Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis for experienced Compass volunteers. Project Leaders typically spend three to five hours per week on project work, with projects running from late September through the end of May.

  • Team Members: (applications open early September)

Compass gives priority to MBA graduates from our partner schools. We also accept many volunteers who have other graduate degrees, valuable business skills, work for one of our partner companies, or have consulting or nonprofit experience. Team Members on average spend two to three hours per week.

Learn more about our recruitment process and programs in ChicagoGreater Philadelphia and Greater Washington.

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