Nonprofit Wish List

Nonprofit Wish List

Nonprofit Wish List: Supporting Nonprofits in the COVID-19 Crisis


Compass is committed to supporting local nonprofits in Greater Washington, Greater Philadelphia and Chicago. In this challenging and uncertain time, nonprofits are looking for additional levels of support from community members, including in-kind donations. More than ever, Compass’ community of volunteers and friends are eagerly looking for ways to support nonprofits in our communities. Compass’ new Nonprofit Wish List communicates nonprofits needs to those who are able and willing to help.



Let us know what you need right now. In kind donations might include grocery store gift cards, cleaning products, toiletries, non-perishable food items, clothing, toys, diapers, etc.

If you need anything tangible that people can donate to you, please complete this form: Click here to submit to the Nonprofit Wish List


Community Members and Volunteers

Please click below for a listing of nonprofit needs in your area.

With questions about the Nonprofit Wish List, please email Megan Tomey at