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Board Training Center

The second annual Sorkin Center Board Training Summit is May 17, 2019.  Please click here for more information.

The Sorkin Center for Nonprofit Governance provides a unique board training program for members of nonprofit boards.  As part of Compass, the Sorkin Center builds on our years of experience and expertise. We support professionals in their roles as a board member through interactive training modules in governance, strategy, financial management and fundraising.

Board members from the same nonprofit often attend the Sorkin trainings as a group, along with their Executive Director. This joint learning lets the newly trained board member immediately translate their knowledge into action on their own board. The Sorkin Center complements Compass’ On Board program which matches business professionals onto nonprofit boards.

History of the Sorkin Center

The Jerry Sorkin Center for Nonprofit Governance was established in honor of Jerry Sorkin, a former senior executive at Corporate Executive Board (CEB). Sorkin’s passion for nonprofit work and board service led him to develop a nonprofit board training program for CEB staff members interested in joining nonprofit boards.

After his death in 2016, Sorkin’s colleagues at CEB decided to honor his legacy by extending his mentorship to a future generation of leaders through the Sorkin Center, where his training and passion for nonprofit governance will continue to inspire individuals. CEB selected Compass as the home for the Sorkin Center.

For More Information

For more information about the Sorkin Center trainings, please contact Jeff Franco, Director of the Sorkin Center, at

For information about Compass’ board matching program On Board, please contact Nalini Rogers or (202) 450-4312, or visit

“Our goal is to help these nonprofit leaders and their organizations reach their full potential so they can have an even greater impact in our communities.” – Jerry Sorkin

If you have any questions, please contact our Development Director, Leah Craft, at (859) 619-6108 or