On Board

Need For Strong Boards

Compass recognizes the critical role that boards play for nonprofits. Our On Board program focuses on strengthening nonprofit boards by matching business professionals with nonprofits seeking qualified board members, and then training board members. While boards play a key role for nonprofits, nonprofits face challenges recruiting board members and helping board members understand their role.

Click here as a Nonprofit or as an Individual to learn more about On Board, or contact Nalini Rogers, Director of On Board, at (202) 450-4312 or

On Board Matching Process

Like our consulting program, On Board involves a high-touch matching process.

  • Nonprofits and individuals submit an online application.
  • Compass conducts in-person interviews of:
    • Both the Board Chair and Executive Director of the nonprofits
    • Individuals applying for a board position.
  • Once matched, Compass staff members provide support to the nonprofits and candidates as they vet each other.
  • Due to the high-touch process, most matches are successful. However, there is no obligation on either party to offer or accept a board position.


Since the program’s inception in 2014, Compass has placed 163 candidates onto the boards of 102 nonprofits, with 32 nonprofits taking more than one On Board candidate.