On Demand Program

Originally launched in April 2020, the On Demand Program has become a core offering. Compass offers short-term (eight weeks) pro bono services focused on nonprofits’ immediate needs and connects business professionals to support them. View the list of projects offerings here.

On Demand Consulting Projects
On Demand Consulting Projects address a single issue. Compass connects nonprofits to a business professional with the expertise to quickly understand and address an immediate challenge with tailored recommendations. Volunteer consultants are not expected to support implementation, although many do continue to work with their client in a personal capacity after an engagement concludes.

On Demand Thought Partners
Compass connects seasoned business professionals with nonprofit leaders. In a confidential setting, Thought Partners provide a trusted ear for scenario planning, courses of action, and may also facilitate conversations among board, staff, and leadership. Depending on a client’s needs, a Thought Partner may offer several informal calls or schedule formal check-ins with an agenda.

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