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On Board

Compass’ newest initiative, On Board, provides another opportunity for business professionals to give back to the community. On Board matches business professionals to nonprofits that need qualified board members. Compass recognizes the critical role that boards play for nonprofits, and the challenge that nonprofits face in recruiting board members. Compass recognizes the importance of helping prospective board members find a board that is a good fit for their skills and interests while helping them understand their role. Through On Board, Compass facilitates local business professionals joining local nonprofit boards and successfully participating as board members.

Why Board Service?  Board service enables business professionals to achieve many professional and personal goals:

  • Advancing the mission of an organization whose work resonates deeply with their core values, or addresses an issue of personal significance to the board member.
  • Expanding professional networks through interaction with other board members and civic leaders.
  • Providing leadership opportunities and professional development.
  • Offering a structured and unique opportunity for professionals to engage with local nonprofits in a way that utilizes their skills and brings significant value to the nonprofit and greater community.

Nonprofit Board Placement.  Since the program’s inception in 2014, Compass has placed 112 candidates onto the boards of 79 nonprofits, with 22 nonprofits taking more than one On Board candidate.

Candidate Considerations

Interested candidates should:

  • Have a strong interest in being involved with a nonprofit
  • Have at least seven years of work experience
  • Be willing to attend board and committee meetings
  • Be willing to make a minimum commitment of two to three years
  • Be willing to attend and invite others to events sponsored by their nonprofit
  • Be willing to financially support the organization personally
  • Perform their own due diligence on the suitability of the placement and take full responsibility for their actions after board placement

For more information, please contact:

Nalini Rogers at (202) 450-4312;