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In 2013, Compass Pro Bono’s expansion to Greater Philadelphia served as the first opportunity to scale as a national organization. Since then, thousands of Philadelphia professionals have found meaningful work, made enduring community connections, and even honed or developed new 21st century work skills while engaging in our collaborative consulting projects.

We’re proud to provide nonprofits with equitable access to high-quality business strategy consulting and give local business professionals next-minded, socially responsible leadership opportunities that will impact the Greater Philadelphia region for a lifetime.

Dalila Wilson-Scott, Philadelphia 10th Anniversary Celebration
Philadelphia 10th Anniversary Celebration
Christopher Holland, Philadelphia 10th Anniversary Celebration
Volunteer Leadership Gathering
Volunteer Leadership Gathering


Interim Board Chair

current Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Pro Bono Consulting: On Demand

Use your expertise to provide 1:1 strategy support to a nonprofit leader over eight weeks

Nonprofit Opportunities

Pro Bono Consulting: On Demand

Receive eight weeks of high-impact support from a volunteer equipped to tackle an acute business challenge

Sorkin Summit Conference – May 8

Join fellow nonprofit leaders and board members for a master class of cutting-edge insights and board governance best practices.

real stories, real impact

  • “This is one of the greatest donations we have ever received! Our team took the time to really understand our organization. They visited and helped out during our busiest times, checked in frequently, and supported us in more ways than we could have hoped. At Neighbors Helping Neighbors on the Main Line, we feel like a stronger nonprofit, thanks to the support of Compass!”

  • “The Compass Pro Bono consulting opportunity is invaluable. Having experts from varied fields take a birds eye view of our organization from their specific discipline and offer ways in which we can enhance our fundraising practices will have a long-term impact on our organization’s operations.”

  • “Compass is incomparable in its ability to offer hundreds of hours of analysis and support providing an honest and unbiased analysis of a business. Our organization would have never been able to afford this kind of research. The advice provided from a third party inspired and motivated the whole organization to embrace positive change.”

Philadelphia 10th Anniversary Celebration



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