Make a Gift via Donor-Advised Funds

If you already benefit from donor-advised funds and would like to recommend a gift to Compass, please ask that checks be made payable to Friends of Compass and mail to:

Compass                            Compass                           Compass
Greater Washington           Greater Philadelphia        Greater Chicago
P.O. Box 4995                    451 Moreno Road            1716 N. Winchester Ave.
Washington, DC 20008     Wynnewood, PA 19096     Chicago, IL 60622

Compass’ Tax ID number is 26-3724642

Alternatively, find your donor-advised fund organization here to recommend a gift to Compass via DAF Direct. Choose your account, and then fill in “Friends of Compass” in the Designation field.


“I’d always been looking for a way to consult on a pro-bono basis like lawyers did… this was that experience! Loved it.”