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For companies looking for ways to contribute to their local communities and enable employees access to meaningful volunteer opportunities – Compass Pro Bono is uniquely able to help.

As a nonprofit ourselves, our success over the years has been supported in great measure through our partnerships with local firms and corporations across all our locations. Our partnerships are tailored to meet the strategic and social responsibility goals of each partner. Most often our partners are top consulting firms, leading companies and local businesses, law firms, or universities.

To learn about specific programs or opportunities in your local market contact:

Partnership Opportunities We Offer:

  • Consulting Talent Recruitment. Compass Pro Bono is proud to partner with top corporations, consulting firms, law firms, and business schools to recruit professionals for targeted, impactful work in the nonprofit sector. We work with our partners to recruit the best talent the business community has to offer, and shape partnerships to meet the specific needs of our partners.
  • Leadership Development Partnerships. We work hand in hand with corporations and firms to support leadership development programs. For companies seeking a structured pro bono consulting opportunity that brings their employees together, Compass Pro Bono offers a program where groups of employees are staffed on a single team to consult to local nonprofits. Nonprofit clients are recruited, selected, and trained by Compass Pro Bono. Employees are selected by the company, and trained by Compass Pro Bono on consulting in the nonprofit sector.
  • Board Member Placement. Our On Board program offers a unique opportunity for business professionals to engage with local nonprofits by joining their boards of directors. Compass Pro Bono works with companies to help identify senior staff interested in being matched with a nonprofit board, and invites employees to apply for a board position. Learn more about On Board here.

Partner Benefits:

  • Recruiting Employees. Compass Pro Bono is available to speak to groups of employees about the opportunity to participate on a consulting team for a local nonprofit.
  • Priority Placement on Consulting Teams. Companies that have formal partnerships with Compass Pro Bono receive priority for a number of their employees to participate with Compass Pro Bono. Each year, Compass Pro Bono has to turn down hundreds of business professionals who apply to participate on a Compass Pro Bono team due to the high demand for available spaces.
  • Measurable Impact on Community. Compass Pro Bono teams enable employees to engage directly with local nonprofits on strategic issues. Many employees stay engaged with their client after their Compass Pro Bono project.
  • Staff Engagement. Working with Compass Pro Bono reinforces core corporate values and makes community engagement easy, accessible and successful.
  • Staff Development. Our program provides leadership opportunities, training, mentorship and networking for staff.

“Working with Compass Pro Bono has been a true game-changer for our organization. Compass Pro Bono brings both the capacity and expertise that it’s almost impossible for a small or medium-sized nonprofit to have in-house. They make it possible to improve as an organization while you (the nonprofit leader) can continue to focus on programming.”