Volunteer Leadership Gathering

You want to make a lasting impact in your community.

Activate your skills and expertise.

Local nonprofits face severe resource constraints. They need your skills.

volunteers report utilizing existing skills on Compass Pro Bono projects

Learn something new.

Master new business frameworks and methodologies. Work directly with senior executives. Mentor young professionals. Get an inside look at local nonprofit operations.

volunteers report gaining new knowledge, skills, or expertise through Compass Pro Bono projects

Drive positive change.

Your time is valuable. Use it to make a lasting difference.

nonprofit leaders report Compass Pro Bono volunteers’ contributions have significant positive impact

Grow your network

Meet new people in your region. Form authentic relationships with both nonprofit leaders and leaders in other companies.

volunteers report developing lasting personal or professional relationships through Compass Pro Bono engagements

On Track

Collaborate with a team of business professionals to provide in-depth guidance on a complex business challenge

4-8 months ◦ Team Size: 5-9

On Demand

Provide 1:1 guidance to a nonprofit leader

8 weeks ○ Team Size: 1

On Board

Join the board of a nonprofit and receive our best-in-class board member trainings.

  • “Compass provides deserving organizations access to caring and knowledgeable professionals who give their time, passion and skills to help improve the community around us. The professionalism that Compass exudes helped me contribute my talents to a worthwhile cause. I met new people, gained skills, and had fun, too.”

  • “Compass provided an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution, as part of an engaged and effective team, to an important community organization at a pivotal time in its development.”

  • “I love building relationships with Chicago-area nonprofit leaders and board members and having a sense of meaningful impact.”