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Philadelphia 10th Anniversary Celebration

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Facilitate strategic planning, work sessions, and retreats

Strengthen nonprofit board’s efficacy and governance


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  • “Compass is such a uniquely valuable experience because it allows you to strengthen your professional skills and connect with incredible individuals all while giving back to your local community.”

  • “This is one of the greatest donations we have ever received! Our team took the time to really understand our organization. They visited and helped out during our busiest times, checked in frequently, and supported us in more ways than we could have hoped. At Neighbors Helping Neighbors on the Main Line, we feel like a stronger nonprofit, thanks to the support of Compass!”

  • “The Compass Pro Bono consulting opportunity is invaluable. Having experts from varied fields take a birds eye view of our organization from their specific discipline and offer ways in which we can enhance our fundraising practices will have a long-term impact on our organization’s operations.”