Core Values

Core Values

Our values speak to the philosophy that lies at the heart of who we are and what drives our work. They articulate the beliefs that guide our programs, as well as day-to-day decisions. Values motivate us, declaring publicly what should be evident in all our activities.

Collaboration makes us better.

We believe we are stronger together. As a multi-city organization, we share lessons learned, work products and ideas with our Compass colleagues to facilitate excellence across the organization. We communicate clearly to ensure we don’t duplicate efforts and because transparency prevents problems later.

Quality is essential.

We insist on excellence and will go the extra mile to deliver high quality
programs and services. Our strong reputation has been earned by providing first-rate programs that reflect our commitment to the highest standard

Compass is a personal organization.

We know our volunteers and our clients, and we aim to delight everyone who interacts with Compass. Because of the personal nature of Compass, our volunteers and clients become part of a larger Compass community based on shared interest in supporting the communities in which we live. The strength of our community relies on genuine relationships among our volunteers, staff, clients, and others in the nonprofit sector.

Respect for others.

Our nonprofit clients and the Compass volunteers who work with them make a profound difference in our communities every day. Their work fuels our passion to support them.

Learning is a lifelong journey.

We are committed to continual learning and facilitating the
same for all who engage with us because it results in individual growth, a stronger community, more effective volunteerism, and a more powerful force for change. We refine our program every year based on what we have learned. In addition, we seek opportunities for professional development for staff members to aid in their professional growth.

Diversity and Inclusion.

We believe that creating a diverse and inclusive organization is central to our ability to achieve our mission. It is our goal to promote historically underrepresented groups within our organization.