Compass Pro Bono forges lasting ties between local nonprofits and local business professionals to empower thriving, equitable, resilient communities.


Deeply interconnected communities.

A room full of people cheering.
Washington DC Volunteer Celebration, June 2023

Our Model

We believe nonprofits serve a critical role in our local communities, and we are here to partner with them so they can do what they do better. For over two decades, we have curated strategic volunteer engagements by tapping into the local business community to deliver the best of business – in terms of both people and practices – to local nonprofits.


Theory of Change

If Compass Pro Bono curates meaningful engagements between local nonprofits and local business professionals, then the deep connections critical to thriving, equitable, resilient communities will result.

Why We Do What We Do

At Compass Pro Bono, we believe our cities should thrive, not just survive. Our goal is to enrich the communities we serve with stronger nonprofits supported by highly-skilled and engaged volunteers. We partner with nonprofit leaders and business professionals alike, creating ever-deepening connections between the two. Together, we make our cities and communities stronger.