Precision Messaging: PYSC’s Tailored Strategy

The client

Philadelphia Youth Sports Collaborative (PYSC) works to expand and improve the delivery of youth sports in the city of Philadelphia. PYSC does this with a complete focus on equitable access for all children to high-quality sports-based youth development programs in their own schools and neighborhoods.

The project

PYSC requested a strategic marketing project from Compass Pro Bono to better define and sharpen their marketing messaging.

Compass Pro Bono matched PYSC with a team of eight business professionals. The project leader was a graduate of The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, was equipped with 27 years of product and project management experience, and was a returning volunteer to Compass Pro Bono. The rest of the volunteer team brought decades of diverse professional experiences and specific marketing expertise.

The volunteers began with a period of discovery that included conducting internal interviews of staff and board members, reviewing PYSC’s most recent strategy work, looking into PYSC’s social media presence, and holding external interviews with peer partners and organizations. 

The Compass Pro Bono solution

Based on research and findings, the Compass Pro Bono team identified four key priority areas for PYSC: a refined elevator pitch, enhancing targeted messaging, increasing brand awareness, and streamlining their marketing process.

The team’s recommendations and deliverables included: