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Volunteer Applications

Volunteer applications for our next round of projects will open in August. To receive a notification, please fill out the Volunteer Interest Form at the bottom of this page.

Click here for our current nonprofit client list and project descriptions.

Any questions about volunteer applications?  Please contact Natalie Tessler at or Melissa Lapica at or read our FAQs.


PROJECT LEADERS manage their nonprofit client and the volunteers on their team, on average spending three to five hours per week. Project Leaders typically have an MBA from a Compass partner business school.

DEPUTY PROJECT LEADERS provide additional team leadership. Applications for Deputy Project Leaders are by invitation only to returning volunteers.

TEAM MEMBERS: Compass gives priority to MBA graduates from our partner schools. We also accept many volunteers who have other graduate degrees, valuable business skills, work for one of our partner companies, or have consulting or nonprofit experience. Team Members on average spend two to three hours per week.

Volunteer Support

We provide mandatory trainings for all volunteers and additional training for Project Leaders and Deputy Project Leaders. We also provide access to research and past project material in an online Toolkit.

While we do our best to place all interested volunteers on a project, we have more applicants than spaces available. If you are not immediately selected for a Compass team, there may be space for you on a Compass team later in the project year. We maintain an active wait list that moves.