What We Offer in Strategic Consulting

Providing over $12 million of pro bono consulting services since 2016, Compass Chicago serves local nonprofits in the community.

Compass recruits, trains and supports teams of business professionals. We work with MBAs from top business schools and other volunteers with experience in different functional areas, including strategic planning, finance, marketing and communications, change management, technology, operations and consulting. We welcome business professionals at varying stages of their careers.

Each nonprofit client receives approximately thousands of dollars of strategic consulting services – free of charge. Our volunteers not only deliver focused analyses and recommendations, but also provide advice along the way, so nonprofits can internalize the most useful and relevant management principles.

For more information, please contact Melissa Lapica, Managing Director, at

“Compass led a board development project with such professionalism and understanding of our needs. What was produced was a plan that will transform the way our board operates moving forward – Thank you Compass!”