Client Lists

Greater Chicago Nonprofit Clients 2024

These organizations will receive a four-month (January-May) consulting project – free of charge! Check out their descriptions below, or learn more about each project service line.

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And Rise Women Inc.
Chicago, IL | 
&Rise empowers women to be the ultimate versions of themselves no matter what adversities they’ve faced. They offer educational resources, counseling, support groups, and coaching to help women rise above their trauma so they can heal and flourish.

&Rise is receiving a FUNDING STRATEGY project to develop a donor stewardship plan and identify new revenue streams. 


The Bloc
Chicago, IL | 
The Bloc spreads the love of boxing to provide resources and opportunities to Chicago’s communities.

The Bloc is receiving a STRATEGIC ALIGNMENT project to provide a framework for gathering & using stakeholder feedback to continue to improve their programming and better focus their resources.  


Cancer Wellness Center
Northbrook, IL | 
Cancer Wellness Center seeks to improve the emotional and physical well-being of people affected by cancer through supportive care and education.

Cancer Wellness Center is receiving a STRATEGIC ALIGNMENT project to evaluate their current set of services and make recommendations to improve utilization and increase awareness in underserved communities.


Changing Worlds
Northbrook, IL | 
Changing Worlds works to foster inclusive communities through oral history, writing and art programs that improve student learning, affirm identity, and enhance cross-cultural understanding.

Changing Worlds is receiving a FUNDING STRATEGY project to assess current revenue streams and fundraising practices and identify opportunities to attract new donors.  


Chicago Art Department
Chicago, IL | 
Chicago Art Department works to provide space and resources for civically-minded artists to grow their practice while questioning the city they live in.

CAD is receiving a FUNDING STRATEGY project to identify and evaluate new revenue streams to help them diversify their funding sources.


The Chicago Center for Urban Life & Culture
Chicago, IL | 
The Chicago Center for Urban Life & Culture seeks to build a community of critical thinkers who are devoted to using their talents to create a more just world through urban internship, student teaching, and social work practice.

The Chicago Center is receiving a STRATEGIC MARKETING project to refine their mission and message and develop a compelling narrative to support their enrollment goals.


Chicago Learning Exchange
Chicago, IL | 
Chicago Learning Exchange works to catalyze racial equity, access, and quality in Chicago’s out-of-school time system by serving youth, youth mentors, and leaders. 

CLX is receiving an ORGANIZATIONAL PERFORMANCE project to develop a transparent and equitable performance management process for employees. 


Children’s Literacy Initiative
Chicago, IL | 
Children’s Literacy Initiative seeks to dismantle structural racism by providing Black and Latinx children with the anti-racist early literacy instruction, support, and advocacy needed to create equity in education.

CLI is receiving a STRATEGIC MARKETING project to conduct a marketing audit and recommend enhancements to their current branding and messaging practices. 


Chicago, IL | 
CircEsteem unites youth across all backgrounds and identities by fostering self-esteem and mutual respect through the practice and performance of circus arts.

CircEsteem is receiving a NEW VENTURES project to evaluate ideas for new revenue-generating programs and recommend which to move forward. 


Erie Neighborhood House
Chicago, IL | 
Erie Neighborhood House seeks to empower the community – Latinx immigrants alongside individuals and families of all backgrounds – through education, access to critical services and advocacy, working together to create a just and inclusive society.

Erie House is receiving a NEW VENTURES project to assess charging for certain services in order to diversify their funding model. 


Esperanza Community Services
Chicago, IL | 
Esperanza Community Services works to empower people with developmental disabilities to reach their full potential and lead fulfilling, independent lives through innovative education, effective advocacy, and compassionate support.

Esperanza is receiving an ORGANIZATIONAL PERFORMANCE project to align staff roles, responsibilities and goals to best deliver on their mission.


Global Girls, Inc.
Chicago, IL | 
Global Girls, Inc. promotes the mental, physical, and emotional development of Black girls by engaging them in the performing arts and providing a platform for them to learn, develop community, and use their voices to advocate for positive change

Global Girls is receiving a BOARD DEVELOPMENT project to help their board of directors apply best practices around board roles and responsibilities, goal setting and management.


Kids Rank
Highland Park, IL | 
Kids Rank seeks to create a sense of stability and community for military-connected children by nurturing their social and emotional growth through connection, leadership, and community service.

Kids Rank is receiving a BOARD DEVELOPMENT project to provide structure around the board’s role in fundraising including best practices, goals, and action plans to empower them as ambassadors in the community. 


League of Women Voters of Illinois Education Fund
Chicago, IL | 
League of Women Voters of Illinois Education Fund seeks to empower voters and defend democracy through voter education and registration, election and government observation, and legislative advocacy. 

LWVIEF is receiving a FUNDING STRATEGY project to create a plan for predictable funding to support their mission.


My Block My Hood My City
Chicago, IL | 
My Block My Hood My City works to inspire youth, empower communities, and build a better world one block at a time by providing opportunities to explore new communities, cultures, experiences and knowledge. 

MBMHMC is receiving a FUNDING STRATEGY project to identify sustainable fundraising strategies to support their growth trajectory.


North Shore Exchange
Glencoe, IL | 
North Shore Exchange improves the lives of neighbors facing trauma and poverty  through a unique combination of luxury consignment, designer shopping and volunteerism. 

North Shore Exchange is receiving a DECISION SUPPORT project to assess their business model’s sustainability and recommend enhancements to position them for long-term viability.


The Obsidian Collection Archives
Chicago, IL | 
The Obsidian Collection Archives works to preserve African American historical journalism through digital archiving with proper cataloging and storage of print documents, photographs, film and television. 

The Obsidian Collection is receiving a FUNDING STRATEGY project to recommend diversified, sustainable funding streams to enable their continued growth. 


Pitch In
Chicago, IL |  
Pitch In creates equitable access and opportunities for Chicago’s middle school students and their families through social-emotional learning, academic programming, and the cultivation of lasting relationships as their students transition into high school.

Pitch In is receiving a FUNDING STRATEGY project to reduce reliance on individual donations by identifying institutional revenue sources and strategies. 


Reading in Motion
Chicago, IL | 
Reading in Motion works to get every student reading at grade level or above during their early years through working with teachers, parents, and caregivers to implement an arts-infused proprietary curriculum.

RIM is receiving a STRATEGIC MARKETING project to develop a marketing roadmap for a key priority of their strategic growth plan.


SOS Children’s Villages Illinois
Chicago, IL | 
SOS Children’s Villages Illinois advances the safety and wellbeing of children by keeping siblings together in foster care, empowering youth, nurturing strong families, and partnering in the development of communities.

SOS Illinois is receiving a TECHNOLOGY & DATA STRATEGY project to develop processes for data collection, analysis and sharing to drive decision-making.

Chicago Scholars, 2021-22 Compass client

“The Compass team was excellent…The experience with the whole team was fantastic. We feel very lucky to have been paired with these thoughtful and smart professionals!”