Compass Volunteers Receive Award for Impactful Work at Domestic Abuse Project

The Domestic Abuse Project of Delaware County (DAP), a 2020-21 Compass client, works to reduce the incidence of domestic violence in Delaware County through victim advocacy, child advocacy, safe shelter, crisis counseling, and legal counseling and representation. DAP’s mission is to improve quality of life for women and children living in Delaware County by offering clients support, safety, and dignity.

The onset of the pandemic was a disrupting force for many families; recognizing changing needs, DAP sought to remain a strong resource for its clients. In 2020, DAP applied for a Funding Strategy project through Compass in hopes of receiving support in bolstering its fundraising efforts.

Soon thereafter, a team of Compass volunteers got to work on an eight-month pro bono consulting project to address these needs. By conducting primary research, stakeholder interviews, and a comprehensive financial analysis, the Compass team was able to make targeted and strong recommendations for strengthening DAP’s fundraising practices.

In the year since the project’s conclusion, DAP has seen a significant impact from the work done by Compass:

  • Seeking to bring their development efforts to new heights, DAP hired a Director of Advancement this January. Julie Avalos, DAP’s Executive Director, writes that “Completing the work with [the Compass team] inspired me to take the leap and truly invest in fundraising efforts.”
  • With the Compass team’s support, DAP has fully integrated and embraced a new CRM software. This transition has enabled staff to track donor relationships, create data-informed strategies, and automate data entry processes—freeing up time and energy to focus on DAP’s core programming.
  • DAP has adopted Compass-recommended tools to track and strategize stewardship with donors, allowing for greater board involvement and communication with key donors. Avalos notes that she was recently able to secure a generous gift from a former donor.
  • DAP recently completed its annual appeal campaign, tripling their $50,000 fundraising goal to raise more than $165,000.

Avalos writes that the Compass team’s recommendations have “helped make the first half of the year a VERY successful one for DAP,” impacting “the daily operations of the organization, the overall success of our work, and ultimately the lives of the domestic violence survivors we serve each day.”

At its Annual Board meeting on June 15, DAP presented the 2022 Community Partnership Award to Compass Philadelphia and the Compass volunteer team in recognition of their extraordinary support of DAP’s vision and mission. (Photos from the event are attached below.) Compass is excited that the amazing efforts of our volunteers were recognized this June and proud to have supported the important work being done by DAP in Delaware County.