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A unique opportunity to use your experience and business skills to address the biggest issues facing local nonprofit leaders

Compass volunteers are professionals first, representing a uniquely high-caliber set of socially engaged people. We actively recruit talent from a variety of backgrounds and experience levels. At Compass, we take particular pride in the diversity of our community, which includes proven consultants and business professionals, top-tier MBAs, lawyers, and professionals with advanced degrees – of all ages and from various career tracks. And, our clients value the diversity of our perspective as well.

Our professionals represent the breadth of strategic know-how found within the business community, boasting capabilities across a broad set of functional areas, including strategic planning, finance, marketing & communications, change management, technology, operations, and consulting.

Volunteer opportunities we offer:

  • Consulting Program. We bring together high-impact teams to work with nonprofit leaders on structured strategic consulting projects. We access a diverse and exceptionally skilled set of business professionals, and are extremely selective, ensuring Compass work represents the best the business community has to offer.  Throughout, Compass remains committed equally to our clients and volunteers, working hard to ensure enriching, positive experiences for all.  Learn more about our recruitment process and programs in Chicago, Greater Philadelphia and Greater Washington.
  • On Board Program. Compass recognizes the importance of strong boards to the long-term success and sustainability of nonprofits. We also understand the benefits business professionals reap personally and professionally by serving on nonprofit boards. On Board, Compass’ board matching program, is available in select markets to help professionals and nonprofits alike successfully identify and fill board openings. Learn more here.
  • Intern Experience. Each summer, Compass hosts a promising team of top undergrads interested in social impact efforts, the work of nonprofits, and exploring how the business community can contribute substantively to make our cities stronger. For more information contact Wendy Gualtieri at 202-280-1761 or

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“I really enjoyed working with an organization and a group of people that I would never have met or worked with otherwise.  It was inspiring and motivating to work on a project that benefited a social organization with a strong mission and that serves a large, well-knit community.”