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Nonprofit Clients – Spring 2023

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www.bestprep.org | Brooklyn Park, MN
BestPrep prepares students with business, career, and financial literacy skills through hands-on experiences that inspire success in work and life. BestPrep provides in -person, virtual and distance learning educational programs to students and educators in grades 4-12.

BestPrep is receiving a DECISION SUPPORT project to evaluate and revise volunteer engagement and training practices to reflect best practices and support BestPrep in providing the best opportunities for youth to learn about business, career and financial literacy skills.

www.blackmenteachtc.org | Hopkins, MN
Black Men Teach recruits, prepares places, and supports retention of Black male teachers in Twin Cities elementary classrooms, addressing the challenges of recruiting and retaining Black male educators. Students learn more when taught by a teacher of the same color and ethnicity and show dramatically different outcomes in drop out rates and academic achievement.

Black Men Teach is receiving a DECISION SUPPORT project to develop a framework to analyze and project program, staff and other organizational needs and expenses to support growth and inform annual business and fundraising plans.

www.codesavvy.org | Minneapolis, MN
Code Savvy interrupts and counteracts existing gender, racial, and socioeconomic gaps in computing by equipping youth and educators with the knowledge, skills, and support to create with technology. Code Savvy provides programs for youth to engage in coding activities and educators to develop computational thinking and computer science skills.

Code Savvy is receiving a DECISION SUPPORT project to evaluate the market opportunity for one of its programs and how to deliver the program in a more scalable and sustainable way.

www.exoduslending.org | Saint Paul, MN
Exodus Lending is dedicated to providing Minnesotan borrowers a just pathway out of predatory debt and toward financial stability. Exodus offers inclusive, affordable loan programs using a community-funded, revolving loan pool.

Exodus Lending is receiving a STRATEGIC ALIGNMENT to gather key stakeholder input relative to their mission, vision and values that will inform the development of their first strategic plan.

www.hightechkids.org | Eagan, MN
High Tech Kids delivers fun, hands-on STEM programs and events that inspire Minnesota youth to build confidence, create opportunities and thrive as the next generation of innovators.

High Tech Kids is receiving a STRATEGIC MARKETING project to develop a strategic marketing roadmap to better reach parents, schools and nonprofits post pandemic and increase participation, particularly among those underserved in STEM.

www.janorth.org | St. Paul, MN
Junior Achievement North envisions a world where young people have the skillset and mindset to build thriving communities. JA programs for K- 12 students align to four pathways: building financial stability through financial literacy; connecting students to real life skills and careers; igniting youth entrepreneurship; and cultivating community.

Junior Achievement is receiving a DECISION SUPPORT project to understand the current landscape of programming being offered to youth ages 18- 25 and determine if there is a need and demand for expanding service to that age group.

www.legalcorps.org | Minneapolis, MN
LegalCORPS assists entrepreneurs, small businesses and nonprofits, especially those that strengthen Minnesota’s low-income communities, by providing individuals and organizations with business law services they could not otherwise afford.

LegalCORPS is receiving a STRATEGIC MARKETING project to evaluate and strengthen their brand identity and position the organization with their target audiences.

www.pinkyswear.org | Edina, MN
Pinky Swear Foundation supports pediatric cancer patients and their families facing financial and emotional burdens resulting from the cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Pinky Swear is receiving a BOARD DEVELOPMENT project to identify strengths and gaps and opportunities to improve overall effectiveness of the Board.

www.resourcewest.org | Hopkins, MN
ResourceWest supports individuals and families in the West Metro through collaborative programs and connections to resources as they move toward greater stability.

ResourceWest is receiving a FUNDING STRATEGY project to evaluate current funding sources and effectiveness of fundraising efforts and opportunities to develop a more robust fundraising strategy.

www.wildflyercoffee.com | Minneapolis, MN
Wildflyer Coffee creates employment opportunities and cultivates life skills to empower youth ages 16- 24 experiencing homelessness and housing instability through a work and life skills training program. Wildflyer Coffee is a social enterprise, operating a coffee shop in Minneapolis where youth are employed and partake in an independent living skills curriculum to help them identify their interests and equip them to work towards their chosen future. A second location is opening in St Paul in early 2023.

Wildflyer Coffee is receiving a STRATEGIC MARKETING project to better understand their target customer and how to market their product and mission with the aim of developing a marketing roadmap to establish a brand presence in St Paul and increase earned income at both coffee shops.

“The insight gleaned by the Compass team provided us with a better understanding of our membership base and allowed us to more effectively meet the needs of our community. The knowledge gained will have a lasting impact on our organization.”

– YWCA Minneapolis, 2022 Compass client