Low Bono Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning with Compass Pro Bono
A thoughtful and clearly articulated strategy enables nonprofits to advance their mission more efficiently and effectively. Our low bono strategic planning services recognize that every nonprofit has different needs and objectives when it comes to formulating and implementing the organization’s strategic priorities. We provide bespoke projects designed to fit a client’s specific objectives, scope, timeline, and budget. Projects are led by our in-house strategic planning expert, accompanied by a team of experienced volunteers selected for their specialized functional and issue area expertise.

What we offer in Strategic Planning Services
A structured strategic planning process guides a board and Executive Director through the process of setting priorities, establishing goals, focusing resources, and creating action plans to guide implementation. The process itself is valuable, aligning boards and staff as they jointly agree on the goals and a long-term vision for the organization. A strategic plan is also critical to fundraising as it allows a nonprofit to share its priorities, plans, and vision with donors and partners. 

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Our customized services include:

  • Three-to-five-year strategic planning. Conduct a full strategy development and planning process resulting in a strategic plan and implementation plan. 
  • Strategic plan creation. Formulate strategy and draft the strategic plan, synthesizing existing data, analyses, and other information.
  • Strategic plan refresh. Update an existing strategic plan.
  • Implementation planning. Develop an action plan, including tasks, timelines, and metrics, to guide successful implementation of a strategic plan.
  • Research and analysis. Conduct research and analytical tasks to answer specific internally or externally focused strategic questions and  inform strategic planning.
  • Strategy retreat design and facilitation. Review mission, vision, and values; create alignment on strategic direction among leadership; set strategic priorities.